Sunday, December 20, 2009

I'll certainly "Take it with me"

For the past week or so I have had the song "Take it with me" by Megan Mullally stuck in my head. Now don't get me wrong, it's a solid song but for an entire week...REALLY??!?

It's now to the point where i'm actually singing aloud in order to hopefully release this song from my feeble mind.
I was caught belting out this festive tune yesterday by my landlord, whilst retrieving my mail. He is a very nice (older) polish...or possibly Czech man. He usually doesn't talk a lot but i'm sure I scared him because unbeknownst to me during my aria he was standing behind me washing the floors. It certainly scared the shit out of me when he said ( in a very strong accent) "Oh...youst like singing". Mid song "HOLY I guess so". I scurried into my apartment like a rat completely embarrassed. Let's be honest here folks...I do like to sing but my voice (during a tune) sounds more like Vincent Price's than it does Megan Mullally's.

I honestly would love to have a good singing voice..and just not think like I do once i've have a few wobbly pops.

I doesn't make sense to me, why do songs get "stuck in our heads"? There have been many a song that I have been unable to remove from my cerebellum. I remember a number of Christmases ago "Feliz Navidad" took up residence there for the entire Christmas season. I'm sure it didn't help that I once was a valued employee of Northern Reflections and that store played "Feliz Navidad"...from October 29th right up until close on December 24th. Jesus!! Enough already!

I guess it's how it's meant to be. My voice will always be like my dress will always leave something to be desired. I will also have to accept the fact that I will forever be caught by some custodian...or small child that walks into a Madison Square Garden concert that's going on it my head.

I will give you some advice based on my experiences, for all you wanna be singers out proud...and if completely embarrassed after being what I do...pretend your retarded.

Thanks for reading my useless and random thoughts. I sometimes scare myself!


Meaghan said...

Aww, Erin, amazing! "Pretend you're retarded". HAHAHAHAHA.

Katty M said...

Excellent post!

Meaghan said...